Drink Wine Before Bed To Lose Weight, Science Says

While alcohol consumption has typically been linked with weight gain, the opposite may be true when it comes to red wine. Scientists from Pursue university examined the compound inside red wine called resveratrol, which is converted to piceatannol after consumption. Piceatannol is apparently able to delay or even completely stop immature fat cells from developing.

Other schools, such as Harvard and University of Denmark have also conducted studies and found that those who drank wine every day had slimmer waistlines than those who don’t. Wowza! Perhaps this explains the French Paradox in which French are so thin yet they consume so much wine. And if weight loss isn’t enough for you, the compounds in red wine decrease the risk of heart disease, combat inflammations, and inhibit the growth of breast and cancer cells. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a glass of Barbaresco to enjoy before going to bed. Thank you, science!